Glossary: N

Negative Space - An enclosed empty space that helps define forms and contributes to the composition.

Neo Megilp - This painting medium is soft and silky, like a gel. It maintains the body of the paint and produces a luminous atmosphere while suspending and supporting the paint in a soft gel. This medium is similar to the Maroger medium used by the old masters. It is made from contemporary materials, so, unlike Maroger, it will not yellow or darken with age.

Neutral Color or Neutrals - Term used for black, white, tints, and shades of gray. Some designers also consider browns to be neutrals.

Neutralize - Making a solution or material pH neutral (pH of 7.0). If the material is acidic, it can be neutralized by adding an alkali or base material. If it is alkaline or base, it is neutralized by adding an acid. Pure water has a pH of 7.0, which is considered neutral.

Newsprint - The type of paper on which newspapers are typically printed. This is a very inexpensive paper manufactured from wood pulp, famous for use by learners and for making sketches and preliminary drawings. It takes charcoal, soft lead pencil, and litho crayon well. It should not be considered for permanent work since it turns brown and becomes brittle on relatively short aging. Newsprint is available in pads, single sheets, and rolls.

Niche - In architecture, an ornamental recess (concavity) is a wall's thickness, especially for displaying a statue, bust, vase, or other erect ornaments. Anything literally or figuratively resembling a niche. A niche is sometimes terminated by a cartouche, but more commonly by a canopy, and with a bracket or corbel for the figure, in which case it might be called a tabernacle. "Niche" is originally a French word derived from the Italian word "nicchio," which means a shellfish or mussel. The French interpretation comes from the fact that many niches for statues are more or less shell-like in form.

Non-glare Glazing - Slightly frosted glass or acrylic glazing reduces the reflection of light sources, creating visual hot spots that may obscure the view of the artwork.

Nonobjective - Style of art that does not represent actual objects, scenes, or figures; nonrepresentational.

Nonrepresentational - Term used to describe art in which the artist expresses ideas, thoughts, or feelings without depicting a realistic object; nonobjective.

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