Glossary: D

Damar - is a coniferous resin used as a varnish and sometimes as part of a mixed media.

Damar Varnish - is used in oil paintings to protect the painted surface for years. It dries within a few hours with a satin medium gloss finish. It may be removed with turpentine or white spirits.

Dappled Light - The patchwork of circular or elliptical spots of light caused by sunlight passing through a small opening in an overhead canopy.

Decoration - Something which adorns or embellishes; ornamentation. 

Define or Defining - Definition conveys fundamental character while being specific, clear, and concise. Although it may be a statement expressing the essential nature of something. In visual terms, the definition is the definite and precise action, such as indistinctness of outline or detail, sharp edges or limits, clear focus and contrast, and high resolution. Also, see ambiguity, analysis, art criticism, description, difference, gestalt, implied, jaggies, knowledge, limit and limitation, optical mixing, optics, and perception.

Deform - To distort or change form.

Depth - Perception of spatial distance between objects in a two-dimensional work of art.

Design - The creative, organized, and methodical arrangement of an artwork's lines, spaces, colors, shapes, textures, and other elements. Also, it involves planning and arranging artwork parts using design principles.

Detail - The small parts of a larger structure, object, or image.

Dichromat - A person with color blindness, especially the inability to distinguish red from green.

Digital Image - An image based on electronic data and storage rather than on the chemical processes of traditional photography.

Digital Portfolio - Similar to the traditional physical portfolio, it consists of all digital content and may be accessed online by any client.

Direct Method - The Direct Method, Alla Prima, or "wet into wet," is an oil painting technique. The term "Alla Prima" is Italian for "at the first attempt," which is why it refers to this face-paced technique in which the work is completed before the first layer of the painting has dried up or is still wet. This technique was opposite the traditional oil painting technique or the Indirect Method, where the artist has to wait for one layer of paint to dry before applying the next one. With the "Alla prima" method, wet paint is applied over still-wet paint and may be completed in one sitting. Impressionists loved to use this technique because they could paint outside and complete the painting in one sitting instead of weeks. The primary benefit of this is the speed at which the work can be finished: hours instead of weeks.

Diorama - A three-dimensional, often miniature scene. Modeled figures are displayed against a realistic, painted background in a diorama.

Distance - In art, the illusion of the third dimension (depth or near to far) is created in a two-dimensional artwork.

Distortion - The twisting or exaggeration of forms from their realist shape or proportions, often done to express strong emotion.

Drawing - An artwork of lines and shapes sketched on paper with materials such as pencils, pens, chalk, or pastels. Also, creating a line or shape on paper using a drawing implement.

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